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www.Hotmail.com Login : Hotmail is one of the most popular emailing service from Microsoft. Recently the Hotmail was changed to outlook and due to this many users were confused and not able to login to their Hotmail account. In this post, we will guide with the login process of your Hotmail account along with that we will all provide tutorial on how you can create an account on Hotmail now Outlook and also, we will give the reasons why using the Hotmail services are recommended.

There are many emailing services in the market like Yahoo, Gmail etc but Hotmail is one of the oldest and most popular emailing service. Hotmail was changed to Outlook and recently and users were directed to www.live.com from www.hotmail.com. The email service were created by three engineering student and which was brought by Microsoft few years back and the company has worked on this email service a lot to improve it’s services and security features and since then Hotmail has became so much popular. If you are still not convinced, in the post we will give you solid reasons to change to Hotmail now. Don’t worry about creating an account on the Hotmail as we will even guide to create an account on Hotmail. Don’t worry about login process as we have it covered as we will tell how to login to Hotmail account in few easy steps.

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Features of Hotmail

Almost every email service has the same features and functionality and Outlook also features the same functions and this popular email service also uses Ajax programming techniques and supports later versions of all the modern browser like Safari, Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. This emailing service from Microsoft features include control if keyboard that enables the users to navigate around the page without using the mouse, this features even enables the users to search the messages that includes structured query syntax such as folder-based organization of messages, message filters, Hotmail even have the ability to auto complete the contact addresses when writing the mail, contact grouping , importing and exporting of contacts as CSV files, rich text formatting, rich text signatures and virus scanning, spam filtering, support for multiple accounts, and different language versions.

The Redmond giant has recently released client applications for the popular mobile OS platform like  iOS and Android, a great feature on the app that enables the users the users to access their inboxes and send new messages right from the main app. Formerly these application were known as Acompli, that was acquired by Microsoft in December 2014, later rebranded as Outlook Mobile in January 2015.

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Create a Hotmail or Outlook account

Hotmail account creation is very simple and easy process and those users who wants to create an account on Hotmail can follow the guide below where I will be explaining how to create an account on Hotmail and you will have a Hotmail account of your own.

In order to have your account on Outlook, the first thing that you need to do is visit Hotmail official site from Here. When you land on the main site of Hotmail or Outlook and you can see the options like First name, last name, email, new password, birthday, male or female options, country etc. All you need to do is fill put these fields and your account will be created on the Hotmail. After you fill out those fields you will be asked to verify your email address or phone number once you have verified your email address next thing that you can do is to customize your Hotmail account by adding a profile pictures add friends, like pages, chat with friends, watch videos etc.

Login to Hotmail or Outlook

There are many procedure through which you can easily login to your Hotmail account. We will tell you the both procedure through which you can easily login to your Hotmail account. The First is through the mobile login and second is through the desktop login. Both procedure is very simple, just click on the link and you will be directed to the login page.  

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Many procedure are there through which you can login to Hotmail easily and I will be discussing with you all the steps here in this post. Desktop users can follow this easy steps to login to their Hotmail or Outlook account. All they have to do is click on this www.live.com to access Hotmail directly. For mobile users, you can download the outlook app from your respective store like android users can download the app from the Google Play Store and iOS users can download the app from the App store.

Conclusion: We have covered everything from account creation to login process. So, just follow the guide and you will able to have your own Hotmail account. Let us know from the comment if you get any problem in login or account creation.


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